Deliver intensive care to different body parts

Return of the lost firm bodyline

Immediate effect by simply applying the patch to the body areas
such as the abdomen, thigh and forearm.

Recharge body energy

Return of the lost firm bodyline

The high elastic fabric + hydrogel patch allows it to stick to any
curved body part to support a smooth body line.

Add moisture and radiance to the skin

Return of the lost firm bodyline

React to the skin temperature and deliver active ingredients for a healthier
and firmer skin.

Proven through human test for cellulite reduction

Return of the lost firm bodyline

Complete temporary cellulite reduction test.
– 8 hour intensive treatment.

Complete human test on the temporary cellulite reduction
US FDA OTC registration : a safe and effective product


Active Ingredients

Discover what natural ingredients we have unearthed and formulated for
a natural restoration of you.

Cellulite reduction component

Cellulite reduction
Red chilli extract
Supply active

Skin moisturizing ingredients granted

  • Green tea
    Maintain skin elasticity
  • Ivy
  • Bitter orange
    Add radiance and
    glow to the skin
  • Glycine betaine
    Add moisture
    to the skin

The Perfect Formula

Providing multiple benefits from anti-wrinkling to soothing irritated skin,

Providing multiple benefits from anti-wrinkling to soothing irritated skin, The powerful properties and
features of LIFTING PATCH guarantees exceptional post-treatment care to fortify resurfaced skin.

Strong Elastic Fabric
The superior adhesive quality of the fabric boosts the restoration process to prevent loose and sagging skin.
Highly Enriched Hydrogel
The highly enriched hydrogel is thicker than regular gel and helps to evenly and precisely deliver active ingredients to the skin for an extended 1-2 hours.

How to Use

High quality home care program for a firmer, healthier bodyline

It’s done so you can comfortably wear it practically anywhere – at home, at work, at the gym or during any other daily activities. Each body patch covers a large area and can be applied to many different areas of your body.


Apply the patch on a dry and oil free area.

Step 2

Remove the film from the patch and place the patch to the skin

Abdomen : attach the patch from the lower abdomen upwards and pull the patch for a body shaping effect

Step 3

Attach the patch for 4 to 8 hours. Gently remove the patch in a horizontal direction.

Begin Your Journey

Body Cellulite Control for 8hours

Caffeine, a powerful fatty-tissue reducer, contained in this product promotes smoother and
younger looking skin by penetrating and removing uneven fatty tissues.
As it is “hydro gel patch” made with high technology of transdermal Delivery System, it Lengthen
contact with the Targeted area ensures a continuous delivery of the active ingredients.

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